About Us

We are a small company specialising in the design and production of electronics and control systems as well as developing prototype boards and test systems. We are able to design and produce electronics and control systems for applications where a traditional PLC based approach may not offer the processing power, flexibility or redundancy demanded by the application.

We have experience of real time distributed control and Ethernet Powerlink, a real time networking protocol using both off the shelf components and custom designed electronics. We are able to integrate with electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems providing both control and data acquisition.

Through our involvement with the design and operation of one of the leading wave power converters, we understand the challenges presented by the design of the control system of these devices. We also have the ability to develop test and development systems using the same technology, allowing you to fully test both hardware and software before it is deployed.

Based in Edinburgh, we are available for on site installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of current systems across a wide range of sectors. 

Whether you are looking for a prototype circuit board design, or a custom control solution, please contact us to see how we can help.


Image Courtesy of Steve Morgan Photography