Control Systems

As machinery and devices become increasingly complex, the challenges of developing a suitable control system become harder. There are certain applications where an off the shelf system is suitable. Where an off the shelf system cannot provide the functionality required, we are able to develop custom hardware which can be integrated into commercially available control systems as well as developing the overall design and software.

Ethernet Powerlink is an open source real time network protocol, which uses standard Ethernet hardware for the network. It is supported by many manufacturers, making integration of third party slave devices into your control system simple. Ethernet Powerlink can be easily implemented on many devices including FPGAs, microcontrollers and computers. This means that complex algorithms requiring more processing power than a traditional PLC based control system can be distributed around a network and synchronised. Having high speed time stamped data allows control loops to be implemented over a wide area, as well as allowing data logging from various systems to be easily cross referenced for analysis and fault finding.